Mar 04

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It’s been a while. I usually post my entries during down times at work…only…I got called into HR and my hand slapped for being on the internet. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…whatever. Why I was singled out is a bit of a mystery, but I’ll take it like a grown up and I’ll spend less time online. I think it’s virtually impossible to spend ZERO time online, but I try. I mean, we all spend the bulk of our days at work and let’s face it— there are things one has to do on the internet from time to time during work hours. Let it not be excessive I suppose.

Rant of the day:
I work for a pretty big company, and like other companies we’ve been trying to cut corners to save money. They call it the “cost savings” initiative. We’ve outsourced, we’ve done layoffs, we’ve trimmed budgets, we’re outsourcing more, we’ve gone so far as to buy each employee a water bottle to refill to save on water costs; it seems to be hitting everyone. People, last year my cost of living increase was something like 1%, ONE…O N E.

So with all this, I find it surprising and insulting really, that over the next several weeks many executives are involved in up to 3 retreats. And when I say retreat, I mean the whole shindig; hotel rooms, golf, spa, swag bags, meals, happy hours, etc. And the locations are swanky locations where you know there are no “savings” involved.

And I must not be that smart, but as a low level employee who could be laid off or outsourced with the direction of the wind, I can’t quite comprehend that decision. Were all those layoffs and outsourcing and water bottles cost saving FOR the retreats? Are the higher level executives exempt from saving money? Is it really that beneficial to spend TONS of money to have everyone together for 3 days—I’m asking, maybe it is.

Kumbaya executives, kumbaya…

Hmmm of the day:
Brigham Young University’s basketball team is pretty phenomenal this year, well until the last game where they came to a screeching halt, losing to unranked New Mexico. If you follow sports at all surely you’ve heard about Brandon Davies. Brandon was kicked off the team for violating the BYU Honor Code. Granted, the honor code is pretty strict, but you know what you’re getting into when you sign up to go—it isn’t a surprise, people. The honor code requires students to “live a chaste and virtuous life”, no alcohol, no coffee, be honest, regularly attend church (and it doesn’t have to be a Mormon church, either) and the likes.

Brandon had sex with his girlfriend. The way I understand it is that someone found out and was going to (or did) turn him in, so he went in and confessed.

Here is my take on it. Good for BYU! BYU is not the only school to have a strict honor code, including no pre-marital sex; think Notre Dame and the armed forces schools. Brandon made a stupid mistake and BYU held him to the consequence of breaking the honor code. Seriously, good for BYU—unfortunately, it looks like sticking to the rules will cost them a number one seed.

Nut of the day:
Charlie Sheen, hands down. Dude is off his rocker.

Am I right?

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  1. Tammy

    Rant…it’s not right, it’s not fair and it is totally rant worthy.
    Hmmmm…agreed! Yay for BYU. Boo for people who break the rules.
    Nut…agreed again! The man is wackadoodle!

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