Jan 16

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A Finger for a Flash

I would like to know when a flash of the bright lights to let someone know you’re there became¬†wholly offensive. It’s better than a honk, isn’t it?

My local store was having an unbelievable deal on an item I use daily; regularly $10, today $5. Yes please! In leaving the parking lot a guy came flying into my lane from the parking spots (presumably crossing the parking lot in the shortest way possible) and closely cut me off. I flashed my lights at him as if to say, “Yo! Buddy, I’m driving here! Can you see me?” (after all, I wasn’t holding my tambourine) To which this guy responded with a flying bird out his window. I mean he flew it high, long and hard.


Multiple times!

He then made a pregnant pause at the stop sign, I guess to make me PAY for my thoughtlessness. Jokes on him though, I was in no hurry. Wait all night if you want buddy. Then, I got the bird again. I gave him a thumbs up. “Good job guy, you’re REALLY showing me!”

Then we got to the light and in one final show of his male prowess he flew the bird again, to which i answered with another thumbs up and off he flew.

The whole thing is baffling. He cut me off, he came close to hitting me, he was driving through parking spaces yet *I* am the one to blame…for flashing my lights at him. Wow!

I find the world changing very much to a very me centric society. People are full of deservitude! Exchanges like this make me want to be more Christlike. I have very little interest in letting small exchanges like this upset me. He can blame me all he wants, and maybe he is blogging right now with a very different version of this story. Life is just too short.

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