Jan 08

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Inside Out

I’m not the most outgoing person, I’m not gregarious and I’m not terribly social. Crowds make me nervous. I mean, I can be all these things but it makes me tired. Occasionally I actually enjoy being these things, but those instances are few and far between. I’m happy with who I am and it took me a long time to get to that point. I think partially I’m just shy, I’m funny when you know me and I enjoy being around friends, I’m just shy around strangers. I used to think that because my friends were very outgoing and social I needed to be those things too, luckily, I don’t and they still love me.


This is how shy I once was. My dad took me out to eat and told me I could have anything I wanted. I could have French toast and a banana split if I wanted or a shake and a coke, the sky was the limit. The one condition was that I had to order myself. I had to talk to the waitress and tell her what I wanted BY MYSELF. Know what I got? A glass of water (which she brought me without me asking) and that is all. I was so shy I couldn’t bring myself to order to a stranger. I’ve come a long way, but I do still have some of those “stranger danger” tendencies.


One of my friends works at an entertainment company and is often in the company of big celebrities (and sometimes people who only think they are big celebrities). Sometimes I’m jealous of her job and then I remember I wouldn’t know how to chat and be social with these people, so it all works out.


Not too long ago we laughed and laughed at the new Pixar title Inside Out. Watch the teaser, you’ll thank me:

It’s so spot on!


A couple of weeks later my friend approached me and said something along the lines of, “I want to tell you something, but I don’t want you to get mad.” Heh, that’s loaded. I probably said something like, “Okay, I’ll try but I make no promises.” That sounds like me, doesn’t it? She then told me the following story:


Her: Today one of the actresses from Inside out was in along with some Pixar movie executives.

Me: Cool

Her: We started talking about Inside Out and how much you and I enjoyed the teaser. I said, “I have a friend that looks just like Sadness!”

Me: HA! What did they say??

Her: Well they were kinda like “aww…that’s mean,” but I was like, “no I don’t mean it to be mean, she just looks like her.” Then she showed them a picture of me and they were like, “oh, haha you’re right.”


I wasn’t mad at all, I just laughed and laughed, because here’s the thing, it’s TRUE. Especially when I was sporting BLUE HAIR!Sadness

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