Aug 30

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You’re Welcome Fairies

I’m going to the LA County fair tomorrow.

cimblog(tm): Pomona = 92* tomorrow

elljaypea: And humid…

cimblog(tm): AAAAAAAAAH 51% HUMIDITY??!!

cimblog(tm): [falls over dead]

elljaypea: eeee BUT – ONE DOLLAR ADMISSION! Not dead!

cimblog(tm): oh [falls over almost dead]

elljaypea: hahahaha

cimblog(tm): Opening Weekend (Gates open at 10 a.m.): $1 admission from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. only / $19 adult admission, 1 p.m.- closing / $12 admission, ages 6-12, 1 p.m.- closing / $1 regular soft drink, 1-4 p.m. / $2 carnival rides & games 4-7 p.m

cimblog(tm): Wait a second! DEMOLITION DERBY presented by Jeffrey Scott® Fine Magnetics Thursday, Sept. 26

elljaypea: oooooo you love a good demo derby!

cimblog(tm): Maybe I need a half day for that! OH MY GOODNESS!! For $32.75 I could get CENTER BOX SEATS ROW C for the demo derby

elljaypea: um, that sounds expensive

cimblog(tm): IT’S ALMOST FRONT ROW. The dirt and car parts will fly right into your section! You can’t put a price on THAT! Pfffttt expensive…

elljaypea: You should go

cimblog(tm): TRACE ADKINS & special guest Kellie Pickler – Saturday, Aug. 31 — I like Kellie Pickler, I don’t even know who that other guy is.

elljaypea: hahahah!! He’s TOTALLY country. You wouldn’t really like him, probably, he’s talented, but really not your scene

cimblog(tm): Heh probly not

elljaypea: He’s a pretty big country name.

cimblog(tm): Bigger than Kellie Pickler…who I do know by the way? Remember that one time Heart was playing, and we stood in front of the jumbo screen and we sang and sang. That! Was awesome.

elljaypea: YES! And they showed it on the monitors right by Hot Dog On A Stick. Who’s playing tomorrow night?

cimblog(tm): Uh…I just told you…who’s drunk NOW?!

elljaypea: oh

cimblog(tm): heh

elljaypea: You’re so funny: “I don’t know who that other guy is”

cimblog(tm): heeeee. And he’s the headliner…

elljaypea: Somewhere, a country/western fairy just dropped dead

cimblog(tm): I’m sorry everyone…my bad

elljaypea: …rather, a fairy dressed in plaid and a little cowboy hat just fell over dead

cimblog(tm): If I clap and say “I DO beeeeelieve in fairies” will it come back to life? “I dooooo Beeeeeelieve in Country”

elljaypea: I DO beeeeeeelieve in Trace Adkins!!!!! Well, a fairy dressed like that was always getting ostracized anyway, that, and the giant belt buckle was kind of draggin’ her down, she was doomed from the start

cimblog(tm): It’s probably not a big deal [shifts uncomfortably looking for Country Fairy Homicide Detectives] she’s probably grateful to me

elljaypea: The fairy community is, they were getting tired of the twang!

cimblog(tm): Oh, and the slide guitar!! “y’all come list’n to this here…”

elljaypea: All the faeries: “NOOOOOOOOOOO,” covering their little fairy ears

cimblog(tm): Yeah, you’re welcome fairies!

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