Aug 07

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I Hate Dead Davy Jones

LJP:  CIMBLOG(tm)!    http://www.goldstar.com/e/71678   LET’S GO

cimblog(tm):  I HEARD ABOUT THIS , but I was so sad Davy is gone.  I don’t see how it can go on without him; he was the LEAD SINGER of most of the songs.

LJP:  They’re doing film and stuff that tells the band’s story.  They’re the ORIGINAL boys’ band!

cimblog(tm):  hehehe   Do you like the non-Davy songs?  Aw, now I miss Davy all over again.

LJP:  But you’ll see him on screen!

cimblog(tm):  (Peter was always my favorite)

LJP:  He’s the lovable dork

cimblog(tm):  SO WAS I!!!!


cimblog(tm):  Ahem…

LJP:  Ok, are we going?

cimblog(tm):  When is it

LJP:  Next Tuesday, in Long Beach

cimblog(tm):  I’m hesitant because of the no Davy but…I’m game

LJP:  Sounds like they’re going to do even his songs without him.  Maybe they’ll do a …

LJP:  thing…

LJP:  like at ….

LJP:  um….

LJP:  that two-day concert in the desert where all the bands perform

LJP:  and….

cimblog(tm):  hologram

LJP:  what-his-

LJP:  YES! That

cimblog(tm):  Coachella

LJP:  with…


cimblog(tm):  2-Pac

LJP:  I hate my life

cimblog(tm):  LOL

LJP:  I can’t remember anything.  I’m mentally snapping my fingers going, You know…that thing…where someone…. did …something….and people were drunk only it wasn’t real you know, that THING!!

cimblog(tm):  heeeeee, and for once I could fill in ALL the blanks!!  That NEVER happens!   Okay on a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to go to Monkees?

LJP:   6 or 7 like, it would be FUN but I don’t HAVE to go.  I would enjoy going with you because you enjoy them so much.

cimblog(tm): here’s my dilemma I love them….I don’t know they can be them without Davy

LJP: right

cimblog(tm): is it worth $40 to find out? [weighs: squiiiiiiished, might get squiiiiished] (random The Borrowers quote)

cimblog(tm): I HATE DEAD DAVY JONES !!!!  [sobs into hands]

LJP: aw, I’m sorry, cimblog(tm)

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