Jul 18

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How Do You Sleep Again?

For the last 11 days I have been fostering a couple of kittens. When I got them, they were 2 days old—eyes closed, ears folded and umbilical cord still on, quite helpless really—and thus started round the clock every 2-3 hour feedings. I.am.so.tired. I haven’t slept in almost 2 weeks. No sleep makes me angry on the inside, it really does. I yell at cars, I drop things and then yell at myself and the things, inanimate objects cause me great stress. It’s not normal. I’m just so tired! This is a good likeness, actually:

But when you look at these, it makes it worth it.


Last night my friend LJP offered to do the 3am feeding. Seriously, (um I just spelled that word ‘seariously’ and couldn’t figure out why it was wrong) that is a huge sacrifice, LJP is in bed and asleep by 10 most nights. I was so excited at the prospect of 5+ hours of straight sleep. I’ve forgotten what that feels like. Naturally, I took her up on the offer before she could change her mind.

When I fell into bed this was what happened.

Me: aaaaahhhh
Brain: You’re so tired
Me: I know
Brain: You should sleep
Me: I know
Brain: …
Me: UGH, I’m SO TIRED!!!
Brain: You should be sleeping!
Me: I’m trying to
Brain: Go on then
Me: I’m trying
Brain: Why aren’t you sleeping?
Brain: I’m just trying to help
Me: Help me by SHUTTING THE CRAP UP!!!!
Brain: humph!!

12:30am kitten feeding

Brain: So you’re awake!
Me: watch it brain
Brain: I was just trying to help
Me: Quiet you!
Brain: …
Brain: Are you sleeping yet?
Me: No, I think I’ve forgotten how
Brain: Just relax
Brain: You don’t seem relaxed
Me: I will cut you!!!

It feels like I might never sleep again.

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