Jul 12

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Alpha Hummer

I’ve created a turf war.  I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

I’ve had a hummingbird feeder outside my front door with store-bought red hummingbird food and no one cared about it (well the ants kinda did, but that’s another story).  I decided that maybe I should try making my own food since I’ve seen hummingbirds in the yard.  So I did.  It was a HUGE hit.  I’m not sure if it was because of my stellar cooking skills or that I’m the only feeder in the neighborhood with BLUE food.  Either way, I win!  I made a second batch and decided to try a new color, YELLOW!  Um, just know that Tupperware in the fridge looks like you’re chilling urine and people look at you in horror.

The other day I was BBQ’ing in the front yard (yes, the front yard!) and I was watching the hummingbirds come and go.  There was one beautiful gold one.  I’ve never seen one that didn’t have the green color around its neck.  That guy though…he’s some kind of Turf Lord Hummingbird; they probably call him Godfather or something.  He would squawk and chase off every bird that came by.  Dude!  There are 4 drinking stations and plenty of food to go around, ease up a little.  He sits on a wire about 2 feet from the feeder and waits.  Waits for unsuspecting hungry birds and then pounces, I sort of imagine him getting out a tiny switchblade and saying, “I’ll cutta bitch!”  Guys, it’s THAT kind of story, I can’t look away!

Are hummingbirds always this territorial?

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