Dec 02

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We Need Our Own Show!

I posted the following picture on Facebook the other day….because it’s SO TRUE!

So I thought I would share some of our conversations with you.  You’re welcome.

effervescicide (for reference H/U was my therapist at the time)

OJai: hm, weird aftertaste from water cooler drink
OJai: blech
cimmy: ick
OJai: (or perhaps i am having a stroke?)
cimmy: OH wait
cimmy: stroke???
cimmy: really?
OJai: oh no
OJai: isnn’t…
cimmy: okay
cimmy: but I have a V.Funny story for you
OJai: one of the symptoms of stroke that you get a weird tinny taste in your mouth?
OJai: or something
OJai: ok, funny story
cimmy: I had H/U on sat.
cimmy: (not the funny part)
OJai: that’s not funny!
OJai: oh ok
OJai: continue
cimmy: and I was waiting for her
cimmy: and this guy came out
cimmy: and left and she called me in
cimmy: and said “i’m gonna do something for you.”
OJai: ??
cimmy: “that guy had a really bad cold, so I’m going to give you one of these Air born pills…it’s an herbal germ killer”
OJai: hahahaha
OJai: suuuuuure, it’s herbal…..
cimmy: me: eye brows raised “mmmm, okay”
OJai: hee
cimmy: (still not the funny part)
OJai: do tell
cimmy: http://www.airbornehealth.com
cimmy: so…I’m like, okay, I’ll give it a try
cimmy: so she hands me a pill and says, here you go, you just eat it
cimmy: me: hmmm, okay…
cimmy: her: it’s suppose to be lemon/lime
cimmy: so, I pop it into my mouth
cimmy: and immediately…it starts FROTHING
cimmy: and BUBBLING
cimmy: and POPPing
OJai: aaaaaaaaaaaack!!
cimmy: and my eyes start to water
cimmy: so I spit it into my hand and it’s STILL bubbling, it’s got a life of its own…no WONDER it kills the germs!
cimmy: H/U has also got one in her mouth and is panicking slightly and looking at the cover
cimmy: yeah, only you’re suppose to DISSOLVE IN WATER AND THEN DRINK
OJai: i was gonna say!
OJai: hahahahahahahaha
cimmy: …yeah, only I don’t recommend you just pop it in. I’m tough, NOT that tough
cimmy: Effervescent Health Formula…..
cimmy: yeah…effervescent if you want to explode
OJai: hahahahahahahahahaha
OJai: hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
OJai: heeeeeeeee
cimmy: I knew you’d enjoy that…
OJai: definitely
OJai: did H/U apologize effervescently?
cimmy: my therapist tried to effervesce me to death
OJai: that is SERIOUS
OJai: effervescicide
cimmy: ROTFL
cimmy: hahahahahaha
OJai: ha
OJai: let’s see a Law & Order about THAT!
cimmy: yeah!
OJai: just imagine all the wisecracks Lenny could make
OJai: haaaaaaaa


Save the chicken

QwendyKay: I hear your birthday is coming up
QwendyKay: happy birthday
OJai: it sho’ is
OJai: thanks!
QwendyKay: ahem.. I will now sing for you
QwendyKay: ahem…
QwendyKay: mi mi mi
QwendyKay: do me so la ti…
QwendyKay: ahem.. cough cough
OJai: any time now
QwendyKay: “This is your birthday song”
QwendyKay: “it is not very long”
QwendyKay: [*bows*]
OJai: *applause*
OJai: i thank you
OJai: wanna come to my party?
OJai: you can ride with cimmy
QwendyKay: I would love to
QwendyKay: but I’m going to the zoo
QwendyKay: to watch my son have a heart attack
QwendyKay: when he sees that cows exist in Real Life
QwendyKay: he’s obsessed
OJai: hahahahahahahahaha
OJai: that does sound better
OJai: wait…they have COWS at your zoo?
OJai: what kind of crappy ass zoo is that?
OJai: they had better be FOREIGN cows, at least
QwendyKay: hahahaha.
QwendyKay: welll yes
QwendyKay: it is the worlds crappiest zoo
QwendyKay: AND you forget
QwendyKay: that we have to drive outside of the metropolis
QwendyKay: 2 hours
QwendyKay: to see cows
QwendyKay: in this state
OJai: hahahhahaha
OJai: well that is a fact
QwendyKay: so.. yes.
QwendyKay: they put some in the zoo
QwendyKay: they have a working “farm”
QwendyKay: at the zoo
OJai: that is so ridiculous as to be awesome
QwendyKay: yes..
QwendyKay: funny random story about our zoo
QwendyKay: they recently re-did the zoo
QwendyKay: but prior to that
QwendyKay: they had a chicken
QwendyKay: that roamed freely
QwendyKay: and a handful
QwendyKay: of monkeys
QwendyKay: and “birds”
QwendyKay: but the birds were just regular birds that lived there in the trees
QwendyKay: so.. not much in the way of being a “zoo”
QwendyKay: so.. a group of preschoolers were visiting
QwendyKay: and watching THE chicken
QwendyKay: roam about
QwendyKay: very quietly standing there observing while the teacher talked about eggs
QwendyKay: my friend was there with her 3 boys
QwendyKay: to see the monkeys who slept all day
QwendyKay: and her son
QwendyKay: saw the chicken
QwendyKay: and ran over to it with his arms outstretched saying “ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR”
QwendyKay: and it flew away
QwendyKay: and one of the preschoolers started to cry
QwendyKay: considering it was one of 3 exhibits
QwendyKay: it was pretty sad
QwendyKay: but so funny
OJai: that is *so* going to show up on an ABC sitcom someday!
OJai: wowie
QwendyKay: it was so dang funny
OJai: that’s the best zoo story ever
OJai: i shall consider that your birthday gift to me
OJai: thanks!
QwendyKay: you are welcome
QwendyKay: my pleasure
QwendyKay: and I will be thinking of you
QwendyKay: as we use the portable Defribrilator on my son
OJai: oh please do


I want to go to New Zealand….a LOT! Any suggestions on making a little cash??

OJai: oh sorry
OJai: talking to friend
OJai: HI
cimmy: HI
cimmy: how’s friend
OJai: fine
OJai: friend’s wife has invited me to go to New Zealand with them
cimmy: GAH!
cimmy: I wanna come
cimmy: pffttt…
cimmy: no one invited ME
OJai: wanna bet???
cimmy: apparently, no?
OJai: i was just telling friend that a) i’m broke
OJai: and 2) i’m semicommitted to coming to see you for your bday
OJai: and he said
OJai: “Tell cim to come meet you in NZ”
cimmy: heh
cimmy: right on
cimmy: too bad we’re broke
cimmy: and CA is as far as we can go
OJai: no kidding
OJai: airfare is only $702 from LA
OJai: and? we have a free place to say in Auckland
OJai: friend’s wife’s parents are there
OJai: that’s the kicker
cimmy: dude, I’m totally looking up tickets RIGHT NOW
cimmy: LAX -> Auckland……straight through 5/10-5/19 …. $760.00
cimmy: let’s go
cimmy: let’s go
cimmy: let’s go
cimmy: let’s go
cimmy: let’s go
OJai: did i mention?
OJai: i’m broke?
cimmy: oh
cimmy: well, so am i
OJai: and deeply in debt?
cimmy: sell something
cimmy: sell Elisa
cimmy: i heard that story in the bible once
OJai: lol lol
cimmy: shoot I *really* want to go
cimmy: (sigh)
OJai: no kidding
cimmy: I’m getting a tax refund
cimmy: I can afford it!!!
OJai: ohhhhhh
OJai: maybe YOU should go instead of me
cimmy: that would be weird
cimmy: I barely know friend’s wife
cimmy: duh…
OJai: but you know friend
OJai: and he thinks you’re awesome
cimmy: heee
cimmy: he’d learn the truth
cimmy: if I went
OJai: (hm, i feel like my eyelids are feverish)
OJai: (is that weird?)
cimmy: (it’s cuz you can’t go to New Zealand)
OJai: (probably)
cimmy: :’C waaaaaaaaaaaaa
OJai: *sigh*
cimmy: sell Loren
OJai: he’d never stand for that
cimmy: oh
cimmy: Lana?
OJai: also, when i go to NZ i want to stay for weeks and weeks
OJai: cim, i really don’t think anyone i know is going to authorize my selling them
OJai: i guess it wouldn’t
OJai: hurt to ASK though
OJai: hmmmm
cimmy: well, if I remember correctly….
cimmy: you don’t actually need AUThORIZATION
OJai: aha
cimmy: you just throw them in a pit
OJai: just a good anesthetic
cimmy: and sell them to the first person that goes by
OJai: good point
OJai: but um
cimmy: yeah?
OJai: do you remember how that story ENDS??
cimmy: everyone goes on vacation and lives happily ever after???
OJai: lol
cimmy: dang
cimmy: is there ANY way we can get $700 for you?
cimmy: (besides the selling thing, which apparently you are against…pffttt!)
OJai: i’m just saying
OJai: plus, who would pay $700 for loren??
cimmy: oh, there is that
cimmy: hmmm
OJai: oh! maybe a wigmaker
cimmy: OH
OJai: his hair alone is worth that
cimmy: good thinking
cimmy: was just trying to see if anyone would buy Loren or Elisa
OJai: hahahah
OJai: any takers?
cimmy: some interest in
cimmy: L
cimmy: not so much in E i’m sorry to say
cimmy: maybe i wasn’t selling her as well
cimmy: shall work on the marketing pitch
OJai: vg
cimmy: seriously
cimmy: ask your mom if you can do something for them to earn $700….like mow the lawn (for the next 75 years) or something
cimmy: hmmm….I don’t think you’ll live long enough to pay that off mowing their lawn
cimmy: hm…how good are you at re-roofing ???
cimmy: laying concrete

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