Nov 11

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Europe in LA 3

Well, the birthday weekend is coming to an end.

Continuing with the European theme, I found a museum close to the hotel we are staying at called the Muzeo.  Their current exhibit is called Spanish Masters: Goya Picasso Dali and that sounded pretty promising.  The exhibit was quite small and featured just etchings.  Here is what I learned on the trip

1. Goya could have done satire in the Times.  All of the etchings we saw featured prostitutes, church and state.

2. Picaso was obsessed with genitalia.  I don’t think I saw a single piece of art that did not feature detailed private parts.

3. Dali collaborated on a number of movies including Spellbound with Alfred Hitchcock.

By far, my favorite collection was Dali.  It seemed more diverse and interesting (remember, art is subjective).  He also had my favorite piece of the entire exhibit.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had that moment when you see a piece of art that speaks you.  This piece took my breathe away; so simplistic yet so moving.

Titled Le Christ, 1964

After the museum we headed over to Downtown Disney to see Skyfall at the birthday girl’s request.  Really enjoyed it, had a few issues with a plot line but all together a good movie!  After the movie we meandered through some stores on our way to California Adventure.

The next stop was Carthay Circle Restaurant.  It’s a new high end restaurant in California Adventure modeled after the old Carthay Theater in Los Angeles.  This theater had special significance to Disney, the premiere of Snow White was held there in 1937 along with many others.  It’s beautiful inside, it’s like you step back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

We got off to a rough start; we had a reservation for 6:50 but weren’t seated for nearly 20 minutes after that.  Listen, I can be a patient person but there are a couple of problems with this particular place, 1. We had a reservation, 2. they didn’t mention they were running behind at all, and 3. if I’m going to be expected to pay $40-$60 per person for a meal, the service better be stellar.  It wasn’t.

In the elevator ride to the second floor, the hostess tried to explain the restaurant and old theater, but she didn’t seem too confident in her information.  She didn’t even tell us Snow White premiered there, and that seems pretty significant.  I did learn there might be a statue of something that may or may not be a miner where the theater once stood.

We looked at the menu and were very surprised at the limited offering.  We had previously seen the menu, but they must have just changed over to the “Autumn Menu,” which we weren’t too impressed with.  Lots of fish and everything smothered, infused, or with grilled mushrooms.  We started debating if we wanted to stay or not.  We all figured there was something on the menu we probably could have gotten simply because we were there but also decided we didn’t want to “settle” on pot roast for $41.  We left.  Disappointed.  To be clear, none of us have a problem paying $60 a person for a good meal, but none of us felt like we should have to settle on something we didn’t really want and service that didn’t match the price.

In the end, we headed over to Disneyland and ate at Carnation Plaza where we could happily find something that we knew would be delicious.  And were happy as clams!

Due to winds at higher elevations the fireworks were canceled, so we road Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, watched a little Fantasmic!, did some shopping and had some warm drinks and sang Happy Birthday.

Though everything didn’t work out exactly how we had imagined, it was a great day and I hope the birthday girl enjoyed it!

Up next?  The Hotel Menage…also not what was expected.

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