Nov 10

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Happy Birthday

Today is Linny’s birthday.  This is an ode to Linny:

We’ve been friends somewhere around 20, I think.  She’s amazing at dates, so if I’m wrong she can correct me.  We met in church, and there are conflicting stories about how we met.  The TRUE story is this; elljaypea and I were roommates and had just moved into a new congregation at church.  It was our first Sunday there and we were amazed by music, the chorister was great and everyone was singing because if it.  We were making comments about it, all good of course! (she thought we were making fun of her, apparently).

A week or so later elljaypea and I were attending our work Christmas party at Disneyland, as we were walking toward Tomorrowland this woman jumped in front of us and said, “I know you two!”  We laughed awkwardly and said hello, both thinking it was someone the other knew, not putting it together that it was this woman from church.  I think later we figured it out and had a good laugh.

Linny had been going through a rough patch at the time, and I would invite her to things but she always declined because she wasn’t ready.  When we finally started doing things together we were fast friends and the rest is history.

I’m blessed to have a friend like her in my life.  She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life.  I hope I return the favor often enough to balance it out.  She’s also usually my designated ride to the hospital when I have a kidney stone.

We laugh often, and I know I am a better person for having met her.

Happy fiftieth Linny, here’s to another fifty more!*

* for the record, I probably don’t want to live that long…too many parts that stop working!  ;)

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