Nov 09

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Europe in LA 2

Yeah, so, I feel like we’re eating our way through LA.  Today we took Linda downtown on the Metro (DING, London AND Paris!) and went to the Nickel Diner.  The owner recognized me and called me a “regular,” that was cool.  Linda has heard us talking about it for weeks and we knew she’d want to go.  Then we walked a few blocks and went to the Bradbury Building.  That thing is amazing.  So gorgeous!  We took a little tour of the Grand Central Market and a few of the shops on the way back to the metro.

Then we headed down to Anaheim.  The traffic was horrible, but we finally made it and checked into The Menage Hotel.  It’s lovely.  The room is fantastic and we just watch Disneyland fireworks from the outside hallway.  For me, it doesn’t get better than Disneyland Fireworks.  We had planned to watch from the pool or hot tub, but it’s about 58 degrees and windy out and we’re far enough from the pool that we would have froze!  brrrr…  We had dinner at the restaurant here and I got a burger…but not just any burger…  THIS burger…

Guys, it’s the size of my head!

Now we’re just relaxing and digesting.  Until tomorrow!

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