Nov 07

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The Cops are out to Get Me

What are your thoughts about Lindsay Lohan?

Personally, I think she’s a white hot mess.  How can someone avoid being thrown in the pokey so often?!  Now she’s saying that the cops are out to get her. Why, because she lied, was caught lying and has a slew of witnesses that will say she’s lying.  How’s that Lohan?  The cops are out to get you?

She was driving her Porche on PCH Hwy, rammed into the back of a car and said she wasn’t driving.  Her assistant was in the car with her who immediately said, that the hospital, “I was driving shotgun.”

She seriously thinks she’s above the law.  This time she broke the rules of her probation, so there’s a good possibility she’s going to have to do time.  The judges are tired of her, the lawyers are tired of her, the public is tired of her, even her family is tired of her; recently trying to do an intervention.

I think a little time in the pokey would do her well.

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  1. Laura

    She used to be so cute!

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