Nov 07

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Dreams are a Funny Thing

I missed last night!  I started playing Skyrim, and then it was 12:30 and my day was over and I’d missed the deadline.  I’m finding that I don’t have a lot to say, which makes blogging daily difficult.  NaNoWriMo was relatively easy, couldn’t think of a direction for the storyline…DREAM SEQUENCE.  Easy as that.  A novel in 30 days isn’t expected to be cohesive, is it?  A blog, however, each post has to make a certain amount of sense, right?  Well, this is to make up for my miss yesterday…

 [dream sequence sound]

She couldn’t remember how she ended up at the carnival, but even before she was out of the darkness  … where was sheanyway … the familiar smells and sounds came wafting to her. The cacophony of calliope was easily recognized.  If she listened hard enough she could pick out the different tunes that were getting jumbled together.  She could smell the rich scent of barbequing meat and burning husks of fresh corn, funnel cakethat made her mouth water, it seemed as though the smells were magnified!

The space she was in was a bit cramped and she was lying on her side.  She rolled over into a strange feeling position, she was on her feet, but her knees felt strange.  She stood up but couldn’t quite bring herself to a full standing position; not because there wasn’t room, as far as she could tell there was plenty of height, but her body wouldn’t allow it.  She saw a crack of light to her left and started to walk towards it.  She fell flat.  “what the,” she wondered to herself.  She struggled back up to her feet and steadied herself.  She was very close to the opening, but it was so small, she wondered how she would fit her large frame through the small hole.

She shuffled her feet toward the opening; shuffling was working much better than walking had.  It was only about 6 shuffles before she reached the opening.  It was so small, and she was a young girl.  She sized up the space and decided that if she tilted her shoulders she still probably wouldn’t be able to get out.  She tried it anyway.  It felt as though all of her bones folded in and suddenly she squirted through the hole.  She was out!  She sun was so bright, it blinded her eyes that were so used to the dark.  She looked down, away from the light.  Her eyes started to adjust as she was looking toward the ground and what she saw startled her.  “Is this a dream, or am I ….” she trailed off….

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