Nov 03

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There’s nothing quite like coming home.  The familiar smells, your pets happy to see you, hairs you recognize.  Yeah, that’s the life.

Oh before I forget, remember to set your clocks back tonight!  You don’t want to be uber early to everything tomorrow…AND you get an extra hour (which I don’t really get, but everyone says it, so there you go).

I promise not all my blog posts will be about my day, but quite honestly, today that’s really what I can muster up for you (it’s either 11:32p or 10:32p, depending on how you look at it).

Lana was able to join us today for all the festivities, which was nice.  In fact, she talked to Guest Services about what happened and they were kind enough to give all three of them passes to come back another day in the next two years.  That right there is some great customer service.  Disneyland could have very easily said that they were sorry about what happened but they have no control over guest’s health, I fear that’s the attitude many retailers take these days.  That’s something Disney does well, Guest Service!  Bravo, Disney!  In reality, they lose nothing by giving my friends passes to compensate for the lost time, and actually it will likely make them money, it’s a win win.

Here’s a little picture for you.  This is California Screaming, dig elljaypea’s hair…best.hair.ever!


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  1. [O]jai

    She’s totally Mister Heat Miser! You are Mister Dorky Thumbs Up. Trav is Mister Unperturbed.

  2. cimblog(tm)

    I’m TOTALLY Mr. Dorky [clicks with tongue] thumbs up guy…

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