Nov 02

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Short Post

I’m writing this post in the notepad on my phone with the hopes of pasting it into my blog relatively easily…famous last words!

It’s 11:32pm so I have just a little time to get my post up for the day.  I’m on my phone because I do not have the password to the complimentary Internet that comes with the room we’re staying in and I don’t have the energy to call the front desk to enquire.  Speaking of which, this room, though I’m thrilled to have it, seems a little dodgy.  I’ve found several rogue hairs that do not belong to either me or my friend I’m staying with.  People, I don’t even like to clean my OWN hair out of drains, finding stranger’s hair creeps me out.

Friends are visiting from out of town and we spent the day at Disneyland; 3 of the 4 of us had a great day. Unfortunately, one of us has a stomach bug and is not well. We’re all hoping for a miraculous recovery so that she can join us tomorrow, especially since it’s their last day here.  That sure sucks!!  No one wants to be sick on vacation!  Here’s to hoping!

We had a great dinner at one of the restaurants at California Adventure. We bought a package of dinner and reserved tickets to World of Color.  I had a delicious filet mignon with soup and 4 mini desserts. Wait, that makes me sound like a pig. That was actually the deal, and we ALL got the dessert plate.

Ok, lights are off and I have 10 minutes to get this posted.  Until tomorrow then…

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  1. [O]jai

    Yes, well, at least the bathtub was not being invaded by an ant army.

  2. cimblog(tm)

    True dat! And it was a roof over our head…along with running, jumping, skipping, stomping people!

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