Oct 16

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5c Diner

Ever been to a place that felt like home; where you loved every minute of the place you were?

My friend elljaypea and I were downtown this weekend taking pictures for the cimblog(tm) 8 Things Photo Challenge and right there by skid row we found this great diner.  I’d be nervous walking the area late at night, but for the food it might just be worth it!

Come to find out, we didn’t actually discover the place.  Some guy named Guy Fieri already did a bit on it on some little show called Diner, Drive-ins and Dives.  Whatever….

Click for LA Weekly Interview

Everything we had was perfect.  Don’t leave the place without trying the smack ‘n cheese.  Trust me on that one.  We also had the Dutch Baby which was amazing, try it with the homemade strawberry jam, forget the syrup!  And the Bacon Burger.  Seriously, nothing was bad.  I imagine there’s not a bad thing on the menu but it will take us some time to actually research that…but we sure will!  Pancakes are only served until noon, so if that’s what you have a craving for, get there early.

The place is closed Mondays, open for breakfast 8am-3:30pm Tuesday-Sunday and open for dinner 6pm-10:30pm Tuesday-Saturday.

I can’t wait to go back and try the home made ding dong!

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