Aug 16

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Now that the Olympics are over let’s talk about the coverage.

If you just wanted to watch Americans in mainstream sports,  then NBC excelled!  I have to say that I did enjoy watching the tennis events on Bravo!, that was nice, but beyond that I just didn’t care for it.  NBC should have taken advantage of other opportunities like that but apparently they didn’t have anyone to come up with that idea…

Live or tape delayed I don’t care…could we PLEASE, for the LOVE, have watched an entire event from start to finish besides swimming or sprints that take about 40 seconds each?!  Everything was taped recaps where we ONLY saw AMERICANS or people who had “catastrophic” errors.  What the hell?!  Really?  And you know how I felt about  gymnastics…WHERE WERE THE RINGS?!  From my perspective, what was wrong with either 1. showing the events in full and live or 2. showing the ENTIRE event taped.  Would that really have lost NBC anything?  No, it wouldn’t.

We saw no variety of events.  None.  Where was the badminton?  Where was the shooting? Where was the ping pong?  Where was the basketball?  WHERE WERE THE RINGS?!  We saw Volleyball and swimming ad nauseum, and really not much else.  Does NBC really think we’re that narrow minded that we don’t have the capacity to understand and enjoy a variety of sports.  I felt like some NBC Executive couldn’t figure out any sport but swimming and a LITTLE bit of gymnastics so why show anything but that.

There were too many “human interest” stories and why is RYAN SEACREST on my TV?

And then there’s the pet peeve I had about the closing ceremonies.  Coming up next, The Who.  Next?  No The Who…no sign of them.  They’re nowhere to be found.  NBC cut the end of the ceremonies to show the premiere of a sitcom.  A SITCOM.  Apparently, they cut in, showed the new show and then when it was over, sometime around or after midnight, they showed the end of the closing ceremonies.  I say sometime because I went to bed, I have no idea when it was.  That’s just bad programming.

Overall, that sums it all up.  Bad programming.

That is my opinion.  What is yours?

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    My opinion is like yours with but with more profanity.

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    I edited…this is a family blog. Sort of, dammit!!

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