Aug 13

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Not The Last Olympic Post

People have asked me what I thought about the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  This:

Fun with a few weird moments

Weird with a few fun moments


Why was Annie Lennox Goth on a ship?! (at 57 I suppose she can be however she wants)

Why did they announce The Who, who never showed up?  (I found out today that NBC cut them off to show the premiere of Animal Practice, and The Who was aired after…like around midnight)

What the hell was up with Fatboy Slim and that weird octopus thing?!

Russell Brand?  Really?  What?! (Brits love him I guess!)

The Spice girls did a good job, but Victoria Beckham sure looked bored to be there!

Apparently, NBC cut the following songs:
Kate Bush (“Running Up that Hill”)
The Kinks’ Ray Davies (“Waterloo Sunset”)
Muse (“Survival”) and they did the official Theme of the Olympics

Really, in the end, it sounded like the crowd loved it.  They were going for a big “block party” atmosphere and I think they achieved that.

I loved Eric Idle, I thought that was brilliant and possibly the highlight.  I thought The Petshop Boys were great.  The Freddie Mercury bit was great as was Brian May’s hair.  Imagine was good, but the puzzle thing was weird.  One Direction was good.  I don’t generally like George Michael all that much, but I thought he did a great job.  It sure would have been nice to hear someone sing live, but no one did (or few did).

I think NBC sucked it up again, but we’ve come to expect that, right?

What was your favorite moment?  Strangest moment?

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