Oct 18

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I never, ever, ever get tired of watching this.

I enjoy scary movies, and being scared and watching other people being scared!  Although, when people come at me, like they did to Amy, it really takes all my power not to punch them.  Truly, so watch out if you get any brilliant ideas.  Fair warning.

When I was a kid my best friend lived in the WONDERFULLY SCARY looking house.  It was over 100 years old, had creepy trees around it, inside there were all these great hiding places and cubbies to hide things in, I loved it!  For Halloween we would decorate their walkway (which was quite long) with coffins and witches and straw filled bodies with masks.  It was wonderful!  We would put on masks and stuff our clothes with straw and lay along the walk.  As unsuspecting children and adults would walk back to the road we’d give them a little scare…and sometimes a big scare!  Oh how I loved that!

What are you doing this Halloween??

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  1. Qwendykay

    Oh my goodness… I love when she says, “I know your getting paid… but don’t touch me”

  2. Laura

    Definitely the lesson learned is to not go on the Ellen show during Halloween season.

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