Oct 13

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What Kind of Bingo?

Last year my friend qwendy and I happened upon a fundraiser for Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter where I foster kittens.  The fundraiser included bingo, raffles, auctions….and DRAG QUEENS!  We didn’t understand exactly how it worked, we thought you could just show up, get a seat, and play.  Not so, apparently this Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo was a big deal.  We got in, but we sat in the back where we couldn’t see anything and could barely hear anything, but we sure had a lot of fun!

This year we decided we were going to get a group together and reserve a table.  Seven of us went and had a great time!  We sat front and center, we played bingo (one of us won!), we bid on auctions (one of us won an auction) and we ate and we laughed!

cimblog(tm) and qwendy

HappyTam and Em


qwendykay and Hillary — who, by the way, won the first hand of bingo, but because of multiple bingos she ended up with the consolation prize:

mmm mmm good…

Mysteriously absent from the pictures is Jackie, I’m not sure that wasn’t calculated…heee

I love where I live and the strange/fun things I get to do.

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  1. Tammy

    Soooooo fun! Can I go next year too?!?

  2. emily

    next year?! lets go again next week! thanks for inviting me, it was amazing!

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