Sep 19

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LA County Fair

I love the fair, I love watching the people, browsing the fun stuff for sale and the food.  Puh-lease, the food!

I love to see what the new fried food is and I’m the sucker who has to try it.  I heard someone was deep frying butter.  eeeeeew!  Luckily we didn’t come across that, though I might have liked to see what it looked like.  Personally, this year I tried the fried Kool-Aid.  It was different than what I expected, it was basically just a Kool-Aid flavored donut hole…but I’m not complaining, it was delicious!

I don’t trust the rides but I do love the games!

The funny new plush in all the games was one that I really wanted to have.  I only played one game and sadly did NOT win one of these.  booo!

For the first time we watched a lumberjack competition, there was log rolling, ax throwing, pole climbing, chainsaw and manual sawing.  It was pretty amazing, actually!

My friend LJP shared her deep fried Klondike bar, we were suckered into one of the products that works at the fair and never at home and we came home with our pockets empty.  Good day, good day, indeed!

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  1. Qwendy

    Wait… the slushie maker doesn’t work at home?

  2. cimblog(tm)

    I’ve tried twice…NOTHING. I’ll try again today. *sigh*

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