Aug 19

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The Help

There’s something you should know about me, I have a very tender heart over certain topics. One of those topics happens to be racism and the oppression of black people. I feel strongly that the color of ones skin should not make a person better or worse than another, and it breaks my heart (litterally hurts to the core) that this is/was not always the case. Almost to an abnormal degree. I’m not so sure that in another life I was not a small black woman oppressed by slavery.

For this reason I was very hesitant to see The Help–and by “very hesitant” I mean “didn’t want to” see it at all. I know it’s fluffy and I know there’s humor to it, but I also know that, for me, that is an ugly, ugly time in history and I don’t enjoy watching it. It’s just too hard.

All of that aside, I have to say that overall, I did like the movie. The characters were acted amazingly well. Those you were meant to hate, you really did and the ones you were meant to like I fell in love with. I would call out individual actors, but they were all so wonderful. I loved the interaction and growth between Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.

I did, however, find myself stiffling sobs over some of the horrible injusticses that happened. How awful and self-righteous those white women were, and how that self-righteous, ugly behavior even spilled over to the white woman they considered “white trash.” I have a feeling that if I were an adult in the early 60s I might have been Celia Foote, and hated by many.

Though the people I was with said the movie had a happy ending, and perhaps ultimately it did, I did not find it a happy ending. It left me with a renewed sadness for the injustice and treatment of these women who worked so hard for the white women who were so awful to them. They helped run the households and raise their children with wonderful values yet were counted as dross, and that hurts. Even now there is a lump in my throat as I hold back tears.

You is kind
You is smart
You is important

Let’s all remember that.

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