Jul 22

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Comments Make Me Mad!

Not getting comments makes me sad inside…

I’ve been so frustrated with my blog lately.  I upgraded to the new version and ever since then comments have been closed.  Posts that previously were open to comments were closed, new posts that should have been open to comments weren’t.  I scoured the world wide interwebs and discussion boards and for all the help that was offered, repairing my databases didn’t work, editing the .php didn’t work,  editing the .css files didn’t work, NOTHING.  Today as i was getting more and more frustrated I found this TEEEENSY box called “allow comment” which is, by default unchecked.  The even stranger thing about that?  The GLOBAL settings on my blog have the allow comments box checked.

All of this means little to you, dear reader.  I just wanted to share my frustration.

And the end result?  Comment away!  It will make me happy inside!

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  1. Laura

    Yay for comments! And hear I thought it was just people letting you know when they’d be late that made you happy inside. So glad to hear there’s something else!

  2. cimblog(tm)

    TWO things that make me happy inside! Huzzah!

  3. Tammy

    Yay for being happy inside!

  4. Emily

    i love cim

  5. Qwendy

    I thought Blue Slurpees made you happy inside? But maybe it’s more than just one thing that makes you happy, and that is okay. Because you know what? You make me happy inside.

  6. cimblog(tm)

    aw…thanks everyone!

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