May 17

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The Strange and Funny

Today is my birthday and my team at work took me out to lunch.  An hour into the lunch this was my view:

This guy must have said “are we done”, “can we go” about 3 times each.  Really?  Actually, I think the guy has Asperger’s Syndrome, sort of a classic case at that.  So on the one hand, I feel somewhat bad for him, on the other hand, dealing with him is very difficult.  For instance, I deliver the mail in my job, when I deliver it to him I generally get something like, “what the frick is this”, “where the hell did this come from.”  That the sort of thing, always a slightly aggressive attitude.  Whatever it is, it comes off as him being a royal jerk and I don’t like him.

So my friend (who is going through a bit of a rough spell) and I had this conversation about it:

cimblog(tm): if you do that tonight
cimblog(tm): i’m gonna punch you
qwendy: ok.. duly noted
qwendy: but IF I do that…
qwendy: be aware… that my head is down
qwendy: because I am sobbing
qwendy: and obcenities are flowing
cimblog(tm): ok, i’ll look for the shaking of the shoulders
qwendyKay: yes.
cimblog(tm): before i let my fists fly


I crack myself up sometimes…I was working with an assistant to set up a meeting with her executive.  At the end of one of her e-mails was something that sparked a very funny exchange:

Asst.: I went running with two of your fans…Name 1 and Name 2.  They said you rock! I believe them.
cimblog(tm): Wow, I have fans!  That’s awesome!  (Giving a regal wave–LOL)  Name 1 and Name 2 are great, I’ve worked with Name 1 in one way or another since the day I started.  He’s good people.
Asst.: The regal wave!  Hilarious!  LOL!!!  Where is your tiara?  I am in the presence of greatness.
cimblog(tm): Oh, dear me, the tiara messes up my hair, I hire someone to carry it around for me when I’m out…
Asst.: I’m dying over here!  OMGosh!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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