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May 29


Today I am grateful I am not the Sports Illustrated photographer whose neck was stepped on by an errant player in the Lakers vs Suns game. O U C H ** Note John W. McDonough is actually a former LA Times Photographer.  [edited; accuracy counts]

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May 10

The One Where Phil Disappoints Me…

Cutting in Line?

If you watch The Amazing Race (TAR) but haven’t yet watched the finale, you might want to stop reading now…because I have a few things to say! First of all, Phil has disappointed me and it’s going to take some time to get over. Let me start by saying that I never liked Carol and …

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Apr 24

Shameless Plea

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If you follow me on Facebook you may have noticed that I am putting on a fundraiser.  Every year the girls in my church  attend a girls camp for a week.  Generally, the girls have to pay for themselves–this year we were grated the opportunity to have a fundraiser and since I am the Camp …

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Apr 03

King of LA

Lenny Kravitz

As my friend and I were driving around LA this weekend we ran into the King of LA…I’m honored. The King is either a mock celebrity sighting, or a real one.  You decide!

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