Jan 16

A Finger for a Flash

I would like to know when a flash of the bright lights to let someone know you’re there became wholly offensive. It’s better than a honk, isn’t it?

My local store was having an unbelievable deal on an item I use daily; regularly $10, today $5. Yes please! In leaving the parking lot a guy came flying into my lane from the parking spots (presumably crossing the parking lot in the shortest way possible) and closely cut me off. I flashed my lights at him as if to say, “Yo! Buddy, I’m driving here! Can you see me?” (after all, I wasn’t holding my tambourine) To which this guy responded with a flying bird out his window. I mean he flew it high, long and hard.


Multiple times!

He then made a pregnant pause at the stop sign, I guess to make me PAY for my thoughtlessness. Jokes on him though, I was in no hurry. Wait all night if you want buddy. Then, I got the bird again. I gave him a thumbs up. “Good job guy, you’re REALLY showing me!”

Then we got to the light and in one final show of his male prowess he flew the bird again, to which i answered with another thumbs up and off he flew.

The whole thing is baffling. He cut me off, he came close to hitting me, he was driving through parking spaces yet *I* am the one to blame…for flashing my lights at him. Wow!

I find the world changing very much to a very me centric society. People are full of deservitude! Exchanges like this make me want to be more Christlike. I have very little interest in letting small exchanges like this upset me. He can blame me all he wants, and maybe he is blogging right now with a very different version of this story. Life is just too short.

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Jan 08

Inside Out

I’m not the most outgoing person, I’m not gregarious and I’m not terribly social. Crowds make me nervous. I mean, I can be all these things but it makes me tired. Occasionally I actually enjoy being these things, but those instances are few and far between. I’m happy with who I am and it took me a long time to get to that point. I think partially I’m just shy, I’m funny when you know me and I enjoy being around friends, I’m just shy around strangers. I used to think that because my friends were very outgoing and social I needed to be those things too, luckily, I don’t and they still love me.


This is how shy I once was. My dad took me out to eat and told me I could have anything I wanted. I could have French toast and a banana split if I wanted or a shake and a coke, the sky was the limit. The one condition was that I had to order myself. I had to talk to the waitress and tell her what I wanted BY MYSELF. Know what I got? A glass of water (which she brought me without me asking) and that is all. I was so shy I couldn’t bring myself to order to a stranger. I’ve come a long way, but I do still have some of those “stranger danger” tendencies.


One of my friends works at an entertainment company and is often in the company of big celebrities (and sometimes people who only think they are big celebrities). Sometimes I’m jealous of her job and then I remember I wouldn’t know how to chat and be social with these people, so it all works out.


Not too long ago we laughed and laughed at the new Pixar title Inside Out. Watch the teaser, you’ll thank me:

It’s so spot on!


A couple of weeks later my friend approached me and said something along the lines of, “I want to tell you something, but I don’t want you to get mad.” Heh, that’s loaded. I probably said something like, “Okay, I’ll try but I make no promises.” That sounds like me, doesn’t it? She then told me the following story:


Her: Today one of the actresses from Inside out was in along with some Pixar movie executives.

Me: Cool

Her: We started talking about Inside Out and how much you and I enjoyed the teaser. I said, “I have a friend that looks just like Sadness!”

Me: HA! What did they say??

Her: Well they were kinda like “aww…that’s mean,” but I was like, “no I don’t mean it to be mean, she just looks like her.” Then she showed them a picture of me and they were like, “oh, haha you’re right.”


I wasn’t mad at all, I just laughed and laughed, because here’s the thing, it’s TRUE. Especially when I was sporting BLUE HAIR!Sadness

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Jan 07

It’s Not Right

I dread when the new year rolls around. All the questions about resolutions and what changes I’m making, it makes me break out in a sweat, frankly. Also, back off, that’s personal. What if my resolution is to stop taking drugs, did you want to know that I take drugs in secret? (I don’t) Now you’re all up in my grill about my drug problem and trying to schedule an intervention. (I still don’t do drugs) I just don’t need that kind of pressure. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, here’s the deal, fundamentally I am lazy. There, I said it, it’s out there for all to see. I.AM.LAZY.


There are loads of things I need to change and I’m not oblivious to it, in fact, most days the things I’m not doing weigh heavily on me. I’m pretty sure my clinical depression plays a part in it but beyond that, yeah, I’m seriously just lazy. Part of it is also I don’t know HOW to make the changes. I can make (and have made) a new year’s resolution to not be lazy. It looks like this:


Me: Let’s do something.

Lazy: Yaaawn, okay.

Me: Okay, what should we do?

Lazy: […] You’re asking me?

Me: Right. Let’s try going on a walk.

Lazy: That means pants and a bra.

Me: Oh, right, but we can do it!

Lazy: Okay, but remember how much you hate wearing a bra?

Me: Yeah, I totally do. Let’s just get off the couch.

Lazy: …but this is such a good episode of Intervention

Me: It really is! Let’s just watch this one then we’ll go.

[3 hours later]


I’m not even kidding that’s what it sounds like in my head (and having to put a bra on really does make me evaluate how badly I want to do whatever it is-sorry men, it’s true). I’m much better when I’m compelled to do something, when left to my own devices…say it with me…I’m lazy.


This year a couple of things have motivated me.


First, my good friend shared this article with me. Check out the article as well as my friend’s blog. It’s about action and while I don’t believe it’s as easy as the article makes it seem to be it makes loads of good points. Will it silence the Lazy in me? Probably not, but recognition and understanding is the first step, right? We’ll see. My favorite piece of advice from this is, “Judge yourself based on the actions you take – not their outcomes.” What if we try something and it doesn’t go according to perfection, so what, we tried something, we gained knowledge from it. This is so valuable. Too often we judge ourselves only on success or failure, this offers another perspective, success can be based on action and subsequent knowledge. I like it.


Second is a song that really resonates with me. Give it a listen and then we’ll chat.

The lines that really speak to me are:


She said, “Is this the life you’ve been dreaming of

Spending half the day away from the things you love?

It’s not too late to do something new.”


She said, “Open your mind, take a look within.

Are you happy with the world that you’re living in?

If not, you gotta change what you do.”


Don’t we all have things we dream of doing that we brush aside with excuses of age, or timing or resources or whatever? For me it’s time to make that change. I don’t know what yet and I’m not sure how yet, but it’s time for me to start living my dream.


I want to see the Aurora Borealis, I want to hug a panda, I want to design websites, I want to draw, I want to write more, I want to play in the snow, I want to surf, I want to walk on the beach, I want to overcome something scary, I want to feel free, I want to stop yelling at stupid drivers, I want to be kinder, I want to make money in social media, I want adventure, I want to let go of hurt, I want to not cause hurt, I want to fly a kite, I want to chase a storm, I want to walk in the rain, I want to watch the sun set from a pier, I want to swim with dolphins, I want to love my job, I want to be more patient, I want to play the piano, I want to spend time with friends, I want to cook more, I want to have meaningful conversations, I want to take beautiful pictures, I want to sell beautiful pictures, I want to help…


This is not all of the things I want-some are too personal to share here. I don’t know how to make all these happen, I’m not even sure I can but looking at things in terms of your dreams somehow makes them, to me anyway, more important.


What are your dreams?

Are you living the life you’ve been dreaming of?

And remember, if nothing else, “Judge yourself based on the actions you take – not their outcomes.”


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Oct 23

Excited…and Scared



It’s that time of year again when I get a little excited and also a little scared.  I know there’s a novel inside me, deep down, past the squishy bits.  I’ve tried to find it, and I’ve got a few versions started and stored away but I’ve never finished it…them…whatever.

Every November it is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I look forward to it with anticipation and, let’s face it, a little dread each year.  NaNoWriMo challenges you to write a novel in 30 days.  50,000 words (“a lengthy work of fiction”) is their criteria for a novel and it can be of any subject of your choosing, “if you believe you’re writing novel, we believe you’re writing a novel!”  It’s certainly a difficult but doable goal.

2011 was my last attempt and I got to just over 10,000 words in what was going to be my masterpiece!  As is usual with me, my body revolted in the form of making rocks in my innards and I had to go to the hospital to have kidney stones removed.  Listen, being creative with rocks in your innards is harder than it may sound.

So, I declare here and now, written proof, that I will once again attempt my novel.  I may, from time to time, post excerpts from my novel here for your enjoyment and mockery…no one really writes masterpieces in 30 days!!

I challenge you to join with me.  Sign up, add me as your writing buddy and let’s get this done!  Elljaypea is in.  QwendyKay is in (YOU AGREED!  So I lied a little about word count…you agreed!).  Are you in?

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Oct 17


Today at 10:17am was the The Great California ShakeOut. The goal is to teach people how to be safe when an earthquake occurs and at 10:17am today the whole state, for 60 seconds, will “Drop, Cover and Hold.” The place I work made no plan to do any of this.

cimblog(tm): oh BROTHER!! Some stranger named Nina just ran up to my desk and said
cimblog(tm): “if we were having an earthquake WHERE WOULD YOU GO!!!??”
cimblog(tm): me [blank]…pointing next to my desk (you know…that triangle/pyramid of safety). Dramatically ,she looked up at the ceiling and then pointed out the SAFER place to go
cimblog(tm): look i’ve had a bad day. leave me alone, if the ceiling falls on me….fine

LJP: heh, is she your safety warden or something?

cimblog(tm): i have NO IDEA WHO SHE IS

LJP: did she introduce herself?
LJP: how did you know her name was Nina?

cimblog(tm): “hi i’m Nina”
cimblog(tm): “if we had an earthquake right now…..”

LJP: weird

cimblog(tm): “nina, do you want to know where I’d really go? to the window to watch the streets open up and swallow people whole….”

LJP: “And I’d take you with me to protect me from falling objects”

cimblog(tm): she just scolded someone for saying they’d go to the doorway

LJP: the guy next to me who is PETRIFIED of earthquakes – we’re all getting the pop-ups, emails, and texts – he got ONE email like 10 minutes after the rest of us, to his work email

cimblog(tm): hahaha are you telling him it’s a warning that one is coming? SAVE YOURSELF!!

LJP: which made me laugh and laugh
LJP: he said, “the company doesn’t care about me”

cimblog(tm): i can still hear her

LJP: get the duct tape

cimblog(tm): “….if that door flew at you with the force of an earthquake….”

LJP: “I’d use my superpower to redirect it to you”

cimblog(tm): BWAAAHAHA

LJP: she must not be a California native, they’re always the ones who freak out the most, THE SKY IS FAAAALLING

cimblog(tm): ….no she’s like been brought in or something to quiz us

LJP: good thing she’s not here

cimblog(tm): and apparently….try to scare us

LJP: ah, the tried and true teaching method – scare tactics


LJP: I’m still not sure how a door flies with the force of an earthquake

cimblog(tm): she said
cimblog(tm): if you’re by the filing cabinet [bangs on cabinet] it will create a pocket for you
cimblog(tm): “look lady….i’d rather DIE than be caught in a POCKET OF RUBBLE FOR DAYS”

LJP: she’s high
LJP: snort

* Nina turned out to be a new employee on the floor. She was not asked to do this. She is not an Emergency Warden. She just thought this would be fun and she could save lives….good on ya Nina. Leave me alone.

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Aug 30

You’re Welcome Fairies

I’m going to the LA County fair tomorrow.

cimblog(tm): Pomona = 92* tomorrow

elljaypea: And humid…

cimblog(tm): AAAAAAAAAH 51% HUMIDITY??!!

cimblog(tm): [falls over dead]

elljaypea: eeee BUT – ONE DOLLAR ADMISSION! Not dead!

cimblog(tm): oh [falls over almost dead]

elljaypea: hahahaha

cimblog(tm): Opening Weekend (Gates open at 10 a.m.): $1 admission from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. only / $19 adult admission, 1 p.m.- closing / $12 admission, ages 6-12, 1 p.m.- closing / $1 regular soft drink, 1-4 p.m. / $2 carnival rides & games 4-7 p.m

cimblog(tm): Wait a second! DEMOLITION DERBY presented by Jeffrey Scott® Fine Magnetics Thursday, Sept. 26

elljaypea: oooooo you love a good demo derby!

cimblog(tm): Maybe I need a half day for that! OH MY GOODNESS!! For $32.75 I could get CENTER BOX SEATS ROW C for the demo derby

elljaypea: um, that sounds expensive

cimblog(tm): IT’S ALMOST FRONT ROW. The dirt and car parts will fly right into your section! You can’t put a price on THAT! Pfffttt expensive…

elljaypea: You should go

cimblog(tm): TRACE ADKINS & special guest Kellie Pickler – Saturday, Aug. 31 — I like Kellie Pickler, I don’t even know who that other guy is.

elljaypea: hahahah!! He’s TOTALLY country. You wouldn’t really like him, probably, he’s talented, but really not your scene

cimblog(tm): Heh probly not

elljaypea: He’s a pretty big country name.

cimblog(tm): Bigger than Kellie Pickler…who I do know by the way? Remember that one time Heart was playing, and we stood in front of the jumbo screen and we sang and sang. That! Was awesome.

elljaypea: YES! And they showed it on the monitors right by Hot Dog On A Stick. Who’s playing tomorrow night?

cimblog(tm): Uh…I just told you…who’s drunk NOW?!

elljaypea: oh

cimblog(tm): heh

elljaypea: You’re so funny: “I don’t know who that other guy is”

cimblog(tm): heeeee. And he’s the headliner…

elljaypea: Somewhere, a country/western fairy just dropped dead

cimblog(tm): I’m sorry everyone…my bad

elljaypea: …rather, a fairy dressed in plaid and a little cowboy hat just fell over dead

cimblog(tm): If I clap and say “I DO beeeeelieve in fairies” will it come back to life? “I dooooo Beeeeeelieve in Country”

elljaypea: I DO beeeeeeelieve in Trace Adkins!!!!! Well, a fairy dressed like that was always getting ostracized anyway, that, and the giant belt buckle was kind of draggin’ her down, she was doomed from the start

cimblog(tm): It’s probably not a big deal [shifts uncomfortably looking for Country Fairy Homicide Detectives] she’s probably grateful to me

elljaypea: The fairy community is, they were getting tired of the twang!

cimblog(tm): Oh, and the slide guitar!! “y’all come list’n to this here…”

elljaypea: All the faeries: “NOOOOOOOOOOO,” covering their little fairy ears

cimblog(tm): Yeah, you’re welcome fairies!

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Aug 07

I Hate Dead Davy Jones

LJP:  CIMBLOG(tm)!    http://www.goldstar.com/e/71678   LET’S GO

cimblog(tm):  I HEARD ABOUT THIS , but I was so sad Davy is gone.  I don’t see how it can go on without him; he was the LEAD SINGER of most of the songs.

LJP:  They’re doing film and stuff that tells the band’s story.  They’re the ORIGINAL boys’ band!

cimblog(tm):  hehehe   Do you like the non-Davy songs?  Aw, now I miss Davy all over again.

LJP:  But you’ll see him on screen!

cimblog(tm):  (Peter was always my favorite)

LJP:  He’s the lovable dork

cimblog(tm):  SO WAS I!!!!


cimblog(tm):  Ahem…

LJP:  Ok, are we going?

cimblog(tm):  When is it

LJP:  Next Tuesday, in Long Beach

cimblog(tm):  I’m hesitant because of the no Davy but…I’m game

LJP:  Sounds like they’re going to do even his songs without him.  Maybe they’ll do a …

LJP:  thing…

LJP:  like at ….

LJP:  um….

LJP:  that two-day concert in the desert where all the bands perform

LJP:  and….

cimblog(tm):  hologram

LJP:  what-his-

LJP:  YES! That

cimblog(tm):  Coachella

LJP:  with…


cimblog(tm):  2-Pac

LJP:  I hate my life

cimblog(tm):  LOL

LJP:  I can’t remember anything.  I’m mentally snapping my fingers going, You know…that thing…where someone…. did …something….and people were drunk only it wasn’t real you know, that THING!!

cimblog(tm):  heeeeee, and for once I could fill in ALL the blanks!!  That NEVER happens!   Okay on a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to go to Monkees?

LJP:   6 or 7 like, it would be FUN but I don’t HAVE to go.  I would enjoy going with you because you enjoy them so much.

cimblog(tm): here’s my dilemma I love them….I don’t know they can be them without Davy

LJP: right

cimblog(tm): is it worth $40 to find out? [weighs: squiiiiiiished, might get squiiiiished] (random The Borrowers quote)

cimblog(tm): I HATE DEAD DAVY JONES !!!!  [sobs into hands]

LJP: aw, I’m sorry, cimblog(tm)

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